The Roll Compactor

Roll Compaction is regularly used as a dry granulation technique in the pharmaceutical industry to make tablets in secondary manufacturing with formulations with heat sensitivity and moisture.

The Roll Compactor machine is used for increased bulk density, making particles, dust free processing and reducing size of pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical industry, in food as well as chemical industry for contraction and granulation of powder.Four types of Roller design are there-1. Plain 2. Corrugated 3. Briquette 4. Knurled.


The powdered material passes through the two counter rotating rolls of the roller compactor under higher pressure. As the volume decreases through the area of maximum pressure, the material is converted to single sheets or flakes of ingredients. These flakes or compact sheet of ingredients are reduced in size to obtain the aimed grain size. Some of the factors controlling the compaction process are roll surface, diameter, peripheral speed, separating force or pressure capabilities, feed screw and being processed. The addition of binders to the material being processed greatly reduces the production of fines.The machine takes extra care to prevent the generation of fine during this process.

We are experienced manufacturers and suppliers best known for the quality of our best in Roll Compactor Machine.Every machine we sell is custom-made to specific depends. We are in the broadest sense a solutions provider, helping companies do business more efficiently and profitably. We look for chances to collaborate with customers to develop some unique solutions to difficult process problems.

The compacting Roll is designed to provide a uniform force distribution to create uniform bulk density.
Totally GMP compacted design with S. S. 316 Contact Parts
Available in 2 Models Plain and Water Jacketed for Cooling.
Easy to Clean
In built close control panel with digital RPM indicator.
Also available online granulation system
Key Features:
All covers are designed to obtain dust-free operation
In compliance with GMP guidelines
Hard chrome plated & mirror finished compacting rolls made of tools steel
Feed screw is effortlessly driven through variable frequency drive
Electrical interlocking between main roll drive and feed screw drive
Re-compaction chamber guides the product to rolls without any slippage or leakage
Hydraulic Power Pack system (optional)
ACVF Drive for rolls (optional)
Water Jacketing arrangement (optional)

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