Pharmaceutical Machinery

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Machinery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We provide the best quality products at reasonable price in the market. It’s the business which is engaged with manufacturing and preparing of nurturing drugs. The medications convey life to living life forms is a common fact, however the machinery which offers life to those drugs in an exceptional actuality. At the point when we are all sick or tainted with some serious disease, we as a whole thank to specialist and drugs. However, we never consider: the concentrated condition under which these drugs are manufactured, the air kept up while manufacturing or potentially preparing those drugs, the testing and experimentation labs which helps in the development of fatal disease drugs, the scientists and restorative industry experts who work under controlled condition. So, we are manufacturing the different types of Pharmaceutical Machinery like Roll Compactor, Laboratory and Pilot Scale Equipment, Granulation, Allied Machine / Inspection Machine, Tablet Press, Available Machine Parts. We manufacture the best quality products with the use of qualified raw materials.


Oscillating Granulator

Our Oscillating Granulator are generally utilized in the pharmaceutical, substance and nutritional industry for quick and proficient de-lumping and Particle decrease. These robust machines are worked to look into, pilot scale and full creation. Empowered by its modular concept and its flexible estimating system gave by the rotary rotor development, the strainer factory can be utilized all over the place. We Oscillating Granulators have uniquely structured rotating strainers that guarantees ideal measuring results with fantastic stream rates.

The 360-degree rotor development guarantees steady, uniform speed and power impact for delicate estimating of the item. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Oscillating Granulator in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We also manufacture the products as per the customer’s requirement. We manufacture the best quality products with the use of excellent quality raw materials. Additionally the main advantage of this procedure resides in an extraordinarily low fine molecule division at last products; too, the low mechanical pressure takes into account the capacity of preparing heat delicate items.

We Oscillating Granulators have highlighted like Ease in the establishment, upkeep and long help life, having all Stainless Steel design with huge non- marking castor wheels. Mirror polished side walls. And Low noise. We provide the best quality products at the lowest price in the market.

Pharmaceutical Mini Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor machine are know with different terminologies such as powder granulate for powder granulation, powder compactor, mini roll compactor. Mini Roll compactor is dry granulation technology which powder is densified between two counter rotating rolls by the mechanical pressure as powder pass through the rolls. The Powder charged in the feed hopper is pre densified and fed between two counter rotating roll compactor is designed to the same principle and mode of operation as that of production size mini roll compactor.

Dry granulation process powder consists of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients, e.g., diluents, lubricants, are mixed in suitable blender. The powder mixers are then roller compacted and size reduced to form granules. The Mini Roll compactor used pharmaceutical solid dosage forms include granules, pellets tablet and capsule .the mini roll dry granulation is a method of choice for processing of physically or chemical moisture sensitive drugs, as no liquid binder is required in the granulation