Mass Mixer

Mass Mixer Manufacturer & Supplier

Application & Process:

Mass Mixer is Specially designed device for product uniformly mixing of dry and wet substances and Mass mixer especially enterprise demanded for Granules , powder of Pharma, Food, Herbals, Agro Chemicals, Ayurveda , pain powder and Chemicals.

The mass mixer includes a rigid fabricated shape motor, blending drum, stirrer and Auto tilting device. Specially designed self adjusting sealing association of particular layout is provided to make certain that no black particle enters into the combination drum. The cloth below blending process may be monitoring via acrylic dust cover and its controls dusting and contaminations. The tilting tool is supplied to make smooth the unloading of the material and easy cleansing of the mixing drum.

Capacity in Kg50 Kgs.100 Kgs.150 Kgs.200 Kgs.
Over Flow Capacity110 Ltrs.220 Ltrs.330 Ltrs.440 Ltrs.
Working volume in liter88 Ltrs.156 Ltrs.234 Ltrs.309 Ltrs.
Stirrer RPM28 RPM28 RPM28 RPM28 RPM
Electric Motor hp/kw3 HP / 3 Ph5 HP / 3 Ph7.5HP / 3 Ph7.5HP / 3 Ph

Salient Features:

  • Design is cGMP
  • All Product contact components AISI 316 and non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Uniform Mixing with paddle blade stirrer.
  • Self adjusting sealing association to keep away from entire black particles.
  • Tilting device for easy unloading and cleaning.

Optional Features:

  • Flame proof electric.