Pharmaceutical Mini Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor machine are know with different terminologies such as powder granulate for powder granulation, powder compactor, mini roll compactor. Mini Roll compactor is dry granulation technology which powder is densified between two counter rotating rolls by the mechanical pressure as powder pass through the rolls. The Powder charged in the feed hopper is pre densified and fed between two counter rotating roll compactor is designed to the same principle and mode of operation as that of production size mini roll compactor.

Dry granulation process powder consists of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients, e.g., diluents, lubricants, are mixed in suitable blender. The powder mixers are then roller compacted and size reduced to form granules. The Mini Roll compactor used pharmaceutical solid dosage forms include granules, pellets tablet and capsule .the mini roll dry granulation is a method of choice for processing of physically or chemical moisture sensitive drugs, as no liquid binder is required in the granulation